How did the flower delivery service develop?

People have been demonstrating feelings for hundreds of years by offering bouquets. This is how they present compliments, confess their love, and apologize. Today, no one is surprised by the order and delivery of flower arrangements, as it has become commonplace.How did such services appear?The first facts of giving bouquets were noticed by the ancient Egyptians. On the artifacts you can find images of women with bouquets, as well as vases with flowers. In ancient times, the winners were given whole wreaths. Therefore, flower delivery services originated in the early period of human history.For example, there is information about such an interesting fact. In the Middle Ages, the delivery of bouquets was very popular, but they were not gifts. Just then, flower delivery was used to make fresh and well-smelling air in the room. They were ordered by wealthy people in castles so that there was a fragrance there. At the same time, flower arrangements were delivered by the knights' faithful squires. These were tokens of attention to the ladies.How did flower shops appear?It is believed that the first bouquets were made in France and decorated with them in the estates. At first, the servants of the masters were engaged in this, but later they began to invite professionals for this. Thanks to this, the flower boutique industry is gradually developing. They came to Russia from Europe when floristry became popular. If the master was skilled, then the demand for his products was very high. Naturally, flowers could be bought not only in the store. They were also brought to a certain address.The development of the situation, the delivery of bouquets was used even by the military. For example, this method was used to deliver secret messages during the war with Turkey. Encrypted messages were transmitted in flower arrangements.Delivery has also developed in another direction. For example, at one time there was a fashion for decorating hats and outerwear with flowers. This was practiced among both women and men. And similar decorations were also ordered with delivery in flower shops.The popularization of ballet and theatrical productions gave an impetus to the development of this industry. Fans gave the ballerinas huge bouquets, which were brought by couriers from boutiques. And only wealthy noble people could afford such a service.The ubiquity of the XX century flower delivery has become a mass phenomenon. And with the spread of the Internet, this service is available to literally everyone. You can send a flower arrangement to your loved one in just a couple of mouse clicks.Therefore, now you can please your loved ones with the use of modern technologies and a minimum of hassle. Real free porn movies online porn USA, UK, AU, Europe.