Pink drink has an exciting effect. Thanks to this, we run faster and longer

Researchers from the University of Westminster measured the performance of people who train for 30 minutes on stationary treadmills. Participants were given the same low-calorie sweet drink to drink. The experimental group was given an option in which there was a food coloring. The control group received a version without dyes.

The group drinking the pink drink increased productivity by 4.4% and overall a higher level of well-being. According to the researchers who conducted the study, stronger positive emotions experienced during exercise can make it easier to perform them.

The findings of the experiment were published in the journal "Frontiers in Nutrition". It is assumed that this will be the first example of analyzing the effect of the color of the drink on exercise. - Potentially, a new way of research in the field of isotonic drugs for athletes opens up, - the researchers say.

Why is pink exciting?
For the test, the researchers chose a pink dye because this color is associated with sweetness. He had to convince the runners that they were drinking a sugar drink.

Earlier studies focused on drinks containing carbohydrates. Their positive psychological effect has been proven: they did not need to be drunk, it was enough to rinse your mouth to reduce the feeling of training intensity.

The University of Westminster experiment was to evaluate whether a pink liquid without carbohydrates could have similar effects using the placebo effect. The assumption was confirmed. Runners with a pink drink were able to run an average of 212m more in half an hour than the control group.

Colors affect the condition and appetite
The influence of color on the performance of athletes has long been of interest. Scientists study this phenomenon in various ways, ranging from assessing the effect of the color of a player's clothes on the effect of club colors on testosterone levels.

"Similarly, the question of color is of great interest in gastronomy." "There is no shortage of research on changing the perception of taste of drinks and dishes using colors&", - explains Dr. Sanjoy Deb, one of the authors of the study.

He adds that the results obtained are based on knowledge gained both in the kitchen and in the athlete's locker room. "Adding pink food coloring to an artificially sweetened solution not only enhances the feeling of sweet taste. It also increases the feeling of pleasure, the speed at which we want to run, and the distance traveled", - he summarizes. Hay muchas opciones de juegos de casino tragamonedas gratis casino tragamonedas gratis en línea disponibles para jugar. Algunos sitios web populares que ofrecen juegos de tragamonedas gratuitos incluyen Slotomania, Vegas World, House of Fun y DoubleDown Casino. También puedes encontrar aplicaciones de casino gratuitas en la tienda de aplicaciones de tu dispositivo móvil. Recuerda que al jugar tragamonedas gratis, no puedes ganar dinero real, pero aún puedes disfrutar de la emoción y la diversión del juego.